VWR Production Chemicals | Security

Quality and Change Control
Supply chain security
is accomplished by leveraging VWR's quality and change control processes supported by a sizeable and dedicated Quality Assurance staff who work collaboratively with suppliers to:

  • Address corrective and preventative action plans and customer complaints
  • Evaluate VWR facilities and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to enable compliance with ISO & cGDP compliance standards
  • Manage a Change Notice Verification (CNV) process that proactively notifies subscribed customers of any change in fit, form, or function of the product proactively

Supplier Auditing
Qualified Quality Assurance team engages with our suppliers, both new and existing, to conduct "risk-based" supplier audits. These audits not only allow us to understand the capabilities of new suppliers but to also follow up on corrective actions of current suppliers, when the need arises.

Supply Chain Integrity
VWR works to address supply chain integrity  through basic measures like restricting warehouse access through use of card key passes and contracting pest elimination services that ensure product integrity is not impacted during storage in VWR's cGDP warehouses.

Regulatory Compliance
VWR enables regulatory compliance by gathering necessary documentation and delivering it electronically or as needed accompanying the products.

  • Certificates of Conformance
  • Certificates of Quality
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • MSDS and other documents

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