PHC Corporation of North America

PHC Corporation of North America offers a broad selection of PHCbi brand laboratory equipment that represents decades of innovation in research and design.

We believe in providing reliable technology to help you spend less time worrying about your equipment and more time getting results. Our products continue to evolve from basic laboratory equipment into sophisticated and user-friendly instruments used in critical cell management and leading-edge protocols.

These include gene and cell therapeutics for in vivo treatments, stem and embryonic cell growth and storage, regenerative medicines, and biomanufacturing. From Sanyo Biomedical to Panasonic Healthcare to PHCbi, the brand identity has changed but the commitment to innovation remains unwavering.

Cell Culture Incubator Virtual Tour

Take an interactive tour of the Cell-IQ laboratory incubator with CO₂ or CO₂/O₂ control and contamination mitigation for accurate in vitro conditions.

Ultra-Low Freezer Virtual Tour

From outer door through insulated inner doors, eye-level controls and robust refrigeration, learn how VIP ECO freezers deliver stored product safety.

Product selection

Ultra-Low Temperature & Cryogenic Freezers

PHC Corporation offers -80°C ultra-low temperature and -150°C cryogenic freezers that are tested and field-proven for safe, reliable storage.

-30°C and -40°C Biomedical Freezers

Designed for optimal temperature uniformity despite ambient temperatures and frequent door openings.

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators and Combo Refrigerator/Freezers

A complete, integrated solution specifically designed to establish and maintain key performance parameters of pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

CO₂ & Multigas Incubators

Outstanding precision, repeatability and multi-level contamination control for an ideal cell culture environment.

Heated & Refrigerated Incubators and Growth Chambers

PHCbi brand temperature-controlled incubators and growth chambers achieve prime reproducibility for many microbiology, QC and testing applications.

Monitoring Systems

LabAlert is the complete wireless monitoring solution for all your laboratory equipment with standalone sensors and cloud or server-based management.