LabX Software

LabX® software brings power to your laboratory bench with automatic data handling, high process security and full SOP user guidance. Full step-by-step guidance is brought directly to the instrument.

As instrument control software, LabX runs on the instruments and supports the lab technician on the touchscreen. Complete user guidance allows the technician to work both at the instrument and the PC according to the SOP.

Current Promotions

  • Receive up to a $400 cash-back rebate with your next METTLER TOLEDO Balance, pH Meter, or Analytical Instrument purchase.
  • Trade in your old balance and receive a 15% cash back rebate with your new Balance purchase.

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Product selection

LabX Direct Balance

Say goodbye to paper, pen and manual transcription. Easily send weight data to an excel spreadsheet.

LabX Direct Moisture

LabX software to supports METTLER TOLEDO moisture analyzers.

LabX Direct pH

LabX software to support the entire Seven product family.

LabX Direct DERE

LabX software to support the Density Meters or Refractometers.

LabX Balance Express

Use the built-in method library for all of your weighing SOP's. Includes one-year software support.

LabX Balance Express License

Increase the capabilities of your LabX system and add up to 2 additional Excellence balance connection licenses.