A Balance for Every Need

70 Years of Innovation

Since 1945, METTLER TOLEDO has pioneered weighing solutions and continue to revolutionize the industry to meet customer demands in the laboratory. With three distinct performance levels, backed by the largest network of service technicians, METTLER TOLEDO ensures that all your balance needs are covered.

Current Promotions

  • Receive up to a $400 cash-back rebate with your next METTLER TOLEDO Balance, pH Meter, or Analytical Instrument purchase.
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Weighing Solutions

XPR Microbalances

Outstanding performance for the smallest sample sizes.

XPR Analytical Balances

The next generation of Analytical weighing has arrived. The XPR analytical balances provide ultimate accuracy and quality assurance functions that are second to none. 

XPR Precision Balance

Delivers accurate results, outstanding weighing performance and the highest requirements for data integrity.

XSR Analytical Balances

The new XSR Analytical balances simplify weighing processes and provide years of accurate results.

XSR Precision Balance

Offers a winning combination of reliable performance and truly ergonomic operation.

Basic Weighing

MS-TS Balances

Robust design and trusted performance, including LevelControl and automatic adjustment with FACT.

ML-T Balances

Intuitive balance with 4.5" touchscreen and multiple built-in applications.

ME-TE Balances

The entry level balance that combines essential weighing functions with ease of use.

Weights and Accessories


Perfectly designed to support testing and calibration of balances.


Comprehensive range of accessories to simplify your process, and improve efficiency in your lab.