Metal trace analysis (High purity acids, AAS and ICP Standards)

Metal trace analysis

In metal analysis, elemental evidence is now gathered from the tiniest traces in the ppm, ppb and ppt ranges with sophisticated instrumentation like AAS, ICP-OES or, more recently, ICP-MS.

High purity acids

A complete range of High purity acids with max. permitted levels contaminants in ppb and ppt, essential in ultra-trace analysis applications.

ICP Standards - Multi-elements solutions

Complete range of Multi-element solutions for using as internal standard or for a perfect equipment calibration, traceable to NIST and delivered with CoA.

ICP Standards - Single elements

Wide range of ICP and ICP-MS Standards engineered to be stable, compatible, traceable to NIST SRMs, and are manufactured and tested under ISO 17034 & ISO 17025 guidelines. Certified values are based on two independent methods, uncertainties are based...