Masterflex® webinars

Masterflex® and the Human Heart: How One Pump is Supporting Research for the Other

A multidisciplinary team at Duke University is using a Masterflex pump and tubing to discover if using a patient's own endothelial progenitor cells to coat titanium stents will create a biocompatible lining.

How to Increase Productivity with Single-Use Fluidic Systems: Fundamentals for Biopharmaceutical Applications

This webinar focuses on drugs and therapeutics production, and the need for improved efficiency and the challenges presented by regulatory, legal and logistical limitations. Masterflex has developed a range of solutions that illustrate the...

Improve Productivity and Operational Efficiency with Single-Use Technology in Bioprocessing - The Science of Real Life

With the rise of industrial products and processes, we have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of electronic waste in our landfills over the last few decades. This has created a significant upsurge in hazardous leachates and heavy metals...

Optimize Cell Culture Conditions and Maximize Production with Peristaltic Pump Technology

Meet the rising demands on Biopharmaceuticals, as a greater volume of therapeutics needs to be produced on a global scale. Improving cell survival throughout the workflow can be an effective way of increasing productivity and yield.

How to Optimize Final Filling in Bioprocess to Increase Profitability - The Science of Real Life

The Science of Real Life Webinar Series. With increasing diagnostic capacities and the advent and availability of novel therapies, the global biopharmaceuticals industry has been expanding at an extraordinary rate. To meet the rising demands from...