Masterflex® Water System Treatment Pump & Tubing Solutions

Maintaining water quality is a perpetual challenge. Only around 1% of the world’s water supply is fresh, and only a fraction of that is potable.

Chemical feed pumps make all the difference when it comes to water treatment. The chemicals involved can include virtually any chemical precursor or end-product. And Masterflex peristaltic, piston, and gear pump technologies are the ideal pumps for water treatment plants.

Our pumps:

  • Regulate feed rates
  • Release chemicals in real-time into reaction vessels, required in reactant feed applications.
  • Accurately dispenses end-product into molds and containers

Come and see how Masterflex pump solutions can change the water treatment game.

Masterflex peristaltic pump uses

Masterflex peristaltic pumps are designed for:

  • Decontaminating ground water
  • Chemical drum sampling
  • Enzyme isolation
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Flow injection analysis
  • Greenhouse watering
  • Fertilizer applications
  • Pesticide delivery systems
  • Sewage/sludge analysis
  • Tree spraying
  • Water salinity analysis
  • Wastewater sampling

Masterflex water treatment applications advantages

What makes Masterflex a top choice for water treatment applications?

  • Broad range of tubing materials: Our tubing is compatible with a wide variety of industrial chemicals.
  • Noncontaminating: Fluid only contacts inside of tubing, eliminating contamination risk
  • Easy cleanup: Cleaning involves simply changing tubing. IP66 washdown models are available .
  • Self-priming: Suction elevations up to 8.8 m (29 ft).
  • Handles viscous materials: Oils and other viscous materials are no problem. Transfer and dispense oils or fluids in suspension.
  • Runs dry: Pumps can be left unattended and won’t suffer damage when pumping dry.
  • Reversible: With a single pump you can purge and collect a sample.
  • Modular design: Mix and match interchangeable pump heads, tubing, and drives.
  • Custom engineered service: Fits right into your lab design without workflow disturbance.

Featured Masterflex water system pumps

Durable High-volume Transfer Pump

Durable construction ensures long service life with minimal maintenance. Up to 42 LPM.

High-purity Feed Pump

Ideal for chemical feed/metering and applications requiring high-purity, high-pressure or both

Portable Sampling Pump

Designed for the ultimate in portability and versatility. Run on rechargeable battery or plug in to AC or 12 VDC.

High-volume Dispensing Pump

Durable, washdown, variable-speed digital drive can handle large batches quickly and efficiently with flow rates up to 42 LPM

Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Masterflex and Ismatec precision extruded and pump tested formulations engineered for the highest reliability, compliance, and traceability

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