Masterflex® Pharmaceutical Pump & Tubing Solutions

Pharmaceuticals producers have long trusted Masterflex and Ismatec brands of peristaltic pumps for their easy to use, contamination-free pumping technology.

Our single-use solutions and custom cut tubing services offer custom gamma-irradiated single-use tubing assemblies, and we’ll cut tubing to whatever length, and in whatever quantity, you need. We’ve been providing equipment and solutions for years, so we know the challenges you face sourcing the proper materials and are happy to provide those products and services.

Masterflex peristaltic pumps uses

Masterflex peristaltic pumps are perfect for:

  • Tangential flow filtration
  • Harvesting cell media
  • Bioprocess workflows
  • Purification
  • Manufacturing IV bag dispensing
  • Spiral ultrafiltration
  • Fermentation control
  • Dissolution testers
  • Cosmetic dispensing

Masterflex pharmaceutical applications advantages

What makes us the top choice in peristaltic pumps and biologics technology?

  • Wide range of tubing materials. Chemical and compliance compatible options
  • Noncontaminating. Fluid media comes in contact with the inside of tubing only.
  • Easy cleanup. Quick-change tubing is the only step
  • Multichannel capability. One drive can use Up to 32 channels simultaneously on a single drive.
  • Sanitary connections on tubing. Quick tubing changes within sanitary systems.
  • Handles viscous materials. Can dispense various agars and suspensions.
  • Runs dry. Low-flow aspiration and air/vacuum pump modes available.
  • Modular design. Mix and match pump heads, drives, and tubing.
  • Custom engineered service. Designed with your whole lab in mind.

Masterflex in buffer media preparation

Essential to effective harvesting and purification are buffer systems. Masterflex offers equipment to help you maintain buffer purity while providing accurate measurements and dispersement.

A quality media preparation system must include:

  • Pumps
  • Fluid path components
  • Mixing equipment
  • Filtration
  • Process monitoring

Media preparation system

Masterflex in cell culture transfer applications

The cell culture is the primary production environment for biopharmaceutical products. Whether you’re piloting research or going full scale-up, to ensure maximum yield of final product you must maintain optimally sterile conditions when it comes to cell growth via gentle treatment of the culture medium.

Our peristaltic pumps, along with matching sterilized tubing and connectors, are just what you need to maintain the purity of your cultures when transferring between production vessels and locations.

Masterflex pumps used in cell culture transfer

Media Feed Pump

Efficient, programmable feed and filling of media; flows to 19 LPM

Dispensing Pump

Versatile multichannel pumps for accurate low-flow fluid delivery – with an intuitive touch-screen interface

Acid/Base Feed Pump

Programmable dosing of pH adjusters and other adjuncts; flows to 3400 mL/min

Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Masterflex and Ismatec precision extruded and pump tested formulations engineered for the highest reliability, compliance, and traceability

Sanitary Fittings and Clamps

Ensure secure, sanitary connections in critical process applications. Fittings and clamps in sizes needed from pilot to production

Masterflex in tangential flow filtration (TFF)

TFFs are used to separate and purify biomolecules, as well as to harvest cells. And working with the necessary pressures and flow rates to do so demands appropriate equipment.

Masterflex offers that equipment in the form of:

  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Fluid path tubing
  • Connectors
  • Filtration
  • Pressure monitors

These and other products ensure the purity of end products.

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Revolutionary diagnostic therapeutics call for custom pumps

Safety and time are your priorities and ours. Product developers from Cytonics, among others, have turned to the Masterflex Custom Engineering Services Group to create a custom pump solution for their APIC system.

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