Masterflex® FAQs

Masterflex® products are here to help you optimize your lab. To help you do just that, we have a selection of Masterflex® operating manuals and certificates of compliance. Below we’ll go over how to find each.

Where do I find operating manuals?

To find operating manuals:

  • Search the product for which you want an operating manual
  • Scroll down to the four page content tabs
  • Click “Documentation”

Active documentation tab on product deatail page

Where do I find certificates of Quality?

There are two ways to find Certificate of Quality

  • Select “Advanced” (beneath the search bar)
  • Select the “Certificate Search” tab
  • Enter your product’s item number

Advanced search link highlighted in header navigation


  • Search the product for which you want the certificate
  • Scroll down to the four page content tabs
  • Click “Documentation”


What if I need products not found on the website?

Avantor offers many services, customization and help finding what you need. For example Masterflex tubing can be cut to custom lengths and packed to your requirements. We have a department dedicated to custom engineered pump solutions and facilities ready to help with your custom single-use assemblies.


What if I need help with my pump or fluid handling setup?

Our on site team of highly trained Tech Support Specialist collectively have more than 85 years of experience in responding to customers’ Masterflex questions. Beyond helping in product selection, these technical experts also assist you in troubleshooting existing issues and regulatory compliance issues, as well as maintenance and repair.


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