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Mirus Bio started over two decades with a passion for science and founded on the principle that transfection offers distinct advantages over viral methods of gene transfer. Expanding upon our expertise in transfection, Mirus Bio crafted a more comprehensive offering for nucleic acid delivery that includes electroporation, virus production and transduction products. Explore more below.

Mirus Bio continues to develop a wide range of non-viral delivery technologies using proteins, polymers, and lipids in conjunction with novel chemistries that provide unique nucleic acid delivery capabilities. Through this research and in conjunction with VWR, Mirus Bio offers innovative nucleic acid delivery systems to support molecular and cell biology applications in research, bioproduction and therapeutics.

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Antibody/Protein Production in Suspension CHO and HEK Cells

Developed through systematic optimization of transfection protocol parameters, the CHOgro® Expression System achieves high protein titers in suspension CHO cells.

NEW! High Titer Lentivirus Production

TransIT®-Lenti Transfection Reagent is designed to enhance delivery of packaging and transfer vectors to adherent HEK 293T cell types to increase recombinant lentivirus production in existing workflows.

TransIT-X2 for ALL Transfections

Simplify your transfections with just one reagent that delivers DNA, small RNAs (siRNA, miRNA and gRNAs) or CRISPR Cas9 components to a broad spectrum of cell types for gene expression, knockdown or genome editing experiments.

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From high functional virus titers to efficient knockdown of target genes or effective, low toxicity solutions, our delivery systems for molecular and cell biology applications give researchers unprecedented genome control at their fingertips.