Give gloves, apparel, and eyewear a new life with RightCycle™

Sustainability matters. That's why Kimberly-Clark Professional™ created The RightCycle Program, the first large-scale recycling program for non-hazardous lab, cleanroom and industrial waste. Since 2011, the program has helped hundreds of customers divert more than 600 tons of waste, and it can do the same for you by turning your used gloves, apparel, and eyewear into lawn and garden furniture and other useful products.

Kimberly-Clark Professional strives to help customers like you reach your zero waste-to-landfill goals. The RightCycle Program is part of this commitment and one very important way to advance sustainability, one ton of waste at a time.

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RightCycle™ by Kimberly-Clark Professional™

Giving gloves, apparel, and eyewear a new life.