Head-to-toe protection for laboratory research

With all the changes taking place in research labs today, you need PPE that protects your work from contamination and doesn’t put your results – or your scientists – at risk.

Is your choice in gloves putting your research at risk?
Something as simple as an exam glove can compromise the quality and integrity of the work either by contamination of the science or the scientist.  Microscopic chemical or biological permeation through a glove, glove tears, and how easy or difficult the glove is to put on or take off, can increase contamination risk and/or injury to the scientist.

It’s important that your PPE protect against contamination and lab hazards to allow you to focus on the research. Turn to the experts and make sure you’re dressed to deliver world-class research.

Dressed for success lab gloves demo

Product selection

Purple Nitrile™ Exam Gloves

The Original Purple Nitrile™ Exam Glove--Glove of Choice since 1999.

Spring Green Nitrile Exam Gloves

Ideal thickness and dexterity for today's laboratory needs.

Lavender™ Nitrile Exam Gloves

Your search for a comfortable protective exam glove with exceptional value is over.

Sterling™ Nitrile Exam Gloves

Provides the protection of nitrile with the sensitivity of latex for everday use.

Kimtech™ A7 Certified Liquid Barrier Gown

Meets USP <800> guidelines by providing protection against hazardous drugs.

Kimtech™ A7 Cleanroom Lab Coat

Enhanced chemical and biological protection.

Kimtech™ A7 Ankle High Shoe Covers

Protect the shoelace and ankle areas not addressed by traditional shoe covers.

Jackson Safety™ V80 Monogoggle

Patented ventilation system minimizes condensation while internal baffles protect eyes from dust and chemical splash.