Hand protection for controlled environments

There’s no doubt about it: contamination is bad for business, especially for an industry where purity is paramount. And compromised gloves can be a primary cause of process contamination and injury.

Kimtech™ Brand gloves protect your critical processes and your employees from known and unknown risks while delivering comfort, dexterity, an quality. Explore the wide range of sterile, non-sterile, nitrile, and latex cleanroom gloves that will give you the assurance to do your best work.

Product selection

Kimtech™ G3 Sterile White Nitrile Gloves

Highest personal and process protection in the sterile range.

Kimtech™ G3 Sterile Sterling Nitrile Gloves

Innovation combines protection, comfort and tactile sensitivity.

Kimtech™ G3 Sterile Latex Gloves

High-quality latex gloves that delivers comfort and dexterity.

Kimtech™ G3 NXT™ Nitrile Gloves

Provides process protection with the ability to double don.