Greiner Bio-One Liquid Handling

Pipette Tips are a key component in day-to-day life science research and need to be of a high quality to ensure confidence and consistency in pipetting results. Our tips are manufactured from high-grade polypropylene to give the optimum in performance and fit.

Additionally, polypropylene has a high breaking strength, is dimensionally stable, heat-resistant up to approx. +140 °C, i.e. is autoclavable, and cold-resistant down to -190 °C. All colored Greiner Bio-One pipette tips are manufactured exclusively with heavy metal free dyes.

Pipette tips from Greiner Bio-One are therefore free of heavy metals.

The Sapphire product family comprises standard, filter and low retention tips manufactured from virgin materials. All tips are transparent, graduated, and allow precise and comfortable pipetting with maximal recovery.

Product selection

CELLSTAR® Serological Pipettes

CELLSTAR® offers a wide range of different serological pipettes. Negative graduation to increase volume capacity and provided with color codes according to international standards

Petri Dishes

Petri dishes with diameters of 35, 60, 94, 100 and 145 mm. Manufactured from highly transparent polystyrene (PS), they are heat-resistant up to 60 °C for use with hot agar. Depending on the application vented and non-vented design can be selected.

Sapphire Pipette & Filter Tips

Sapphire standard pipette tips, standard filter tips, low retention pipette tips and low retention filter tips. Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA and are non-pyrogenic

Tubes / Containers

Tubes made of Polystyrene (ideal for optical measurements), Polypropylene (Displays high thermal, mechanical) and chemical resistance and Polyethylene (characterized by high therma and chemical resistance)

Erlenmeyer Shaker Flasks

Erlenmeyer shaker flasks are ideal for suspension culture of mammalian cells, plants, microbes and microorganisms. The shaker flasks feature a patented 2-in-1 DuoCAP® which allows for flexibility between vented and non-vented applications.