Advanced Battery Science - Facility Management & Protection

Avantor sets advanced battery science in motion to create a better world

Avantor offers a broad range of products to keep the facility clean, safe and ordered.


Laboratory Facilities Maintenance & Protection Equipment

Humidity control

Data loggers and monitoring sytems of CO2, temperature, humidity and particulate.

Mats and flooring

Floor and Tacky mats for personnel comfort and contamination-free environments. Available in different versions to suit every need.

Waste disposal and recycling

Disposing and Recycling with an eye on sustainability. Look for the green leaf to explore the range of Environmentally preferable products.

Safety signs, floor marking

A wide range of signs and tapes to communicate with employees and visitors. (Assure protection of equipment and personnel with the choice of padlocks and electrical and valve lockout kits)

Lockout tagout

Assure protection of equipment and personnel with the choice of padlocks, lockout hasps, electrical and valve lockout kits.

Printers and labels

A wide range of printers to create your labels from lab to the facilty or where you need with the portable models

Chemical handling and storage

ESD Control

Apparel and accessories for ESD grounding.