ChemTrap Chemical Filtration Option For Safety Cabinets

Erlab’s ChemTrap Chemical Filtration Option For Safety Cabinets H402 is an add on filtration system that will filter the interior space of a flammable, acid, or corrosive cabinet. The filters will capture and retain toxic fumes present within the cabinet, and will return clean air back to the laboratory, eliminating chemical emissions from being released when the dorrs are opened. Designed as a standalone system with no need for ducting to the outside, it is equipped with an adjustable pipe that accommodates connection points from the side or back of your existing cabinet via the bung.

  • User protection while saving energy
  • Easy installation, connection via bung port
  • No ductwork needed -Eliminates exposure to toxic fumes and odors
  • Adaptable to any cabinet. Vertical (V) and horizontal (H) models available

ChemTrap H402 Chemical Filtration for Safety Cabinets

Connected solution for fire or acid cabinets to protect against inhalation risks.

Download ChemTrap H402 Chemical Filtration pack for safety cabinets brochure

ChemTrap filters the air from the internal chamber of a storage cabinet, capturing hemical emissions & returns clean air back into the laboratory.

See how ChemTrap H402 works to keep you safe

See how ChemTrap draws emissions toward the filtration system protection inhaltion risks of chemical emissions and creating safer enviroment.