Ecolab Life Sciences Products and Solutions

Ecolab Life Sciences offers unparalleled cleaning and advanced contamination control expertise to pharmaceutical and personal care manufacturers across the globe. We offer quality cleaning chemistry and advanced automated bio-decontamination systems utilizing Bioquell technology for nearly any need.  We bring enhanced value to customers, helping optimize production performance and mitigate risk.

Enhanced value: Our expertise applied to our cleaning and advanced contamination control solutions means customers have access a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality cleaning and disinfection chemistry, equipment, and Bioquell vaporized hydrogen peroxide decontamination.

Optimized production performance: Our expertise across a wide range of critical manufacturing applications helps customers move toward maximum production uptime and productivity.

Mitigated risk: Our expertise and global scale applied across our customers’ contamination-control operations help assist with business continuity through the worldwide availability of our chemistry solutions, expert knowledge of region-specific quality and regulatory requirements, and bio-decontamination systems utiling Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant (EPA Registration Number: 72372-1-86703).

Ecolab's Complete Cleaning and Disinfection Product Range

Ecolab offers a wide range of products to assist in your routine and daily cleaning regiments, whether for CIP or within the walls of your cleanroom.

Room Bio-decontamination with Bioquell Technology

Treat nearly any room or area in your facility with mobile, fixed and scalable options from Ecolab using Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Sterilant.

Equipment and enclosure Bio-decontamination with Bioquell Technology

Help eliminate microorganisms in equipment, enclosures, small areas, material airlocks, pass-through chambers, and more with versatile, multi-purpose bio-decontamination systems from Ecolab.

Isolator with integrated Bioquell bio-decontamination technology

Create an aseptic workspace with Ecolab’s Bioquell Qube, a configurable isolator integrated with Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapor technology. From its unique design to rapid cycle times, create an aseptic area you need to keep your work on track.

The Ideal Workstation for Sterility Testing

Create an ISO 5 / Grade A equivalent workspace nearly anywhere in your facility with the Bioquell Qube isolator. The system offers a closed, validated, bio-decontaminated environment, allowing you to work comfortably and efficiently.

Cell and Gene Therapy Contamination Control Strategy for Any Stage

From R&D to clinical trial to production, Ecolab has the solutions to reduce your contamination risk to keep your operations on track for any stage.