Protective Workwear Clothing & Apparel

Protective Apparel

VWR understands the controlled environment, and we continue to provide innovation and new offerings that can help ensure your controlled environment is as clean and efficient as possible.

Garments and personal protection play a major role in your process and VWR can provide the complete solution for you with a wide variety of options in each area perfectly suited to your requirements. VWR has you covered from head to toe with the latest in sterile garments to basic shoe covers.

Now available as Single-Use or Reusable, VWR Protection Apparel is uniquely tailored to help you meet your demanding requirements for general-use applications – view our brochure to learn more.

Product selection

Medical Devices and Healthcare

Avantor serves the healthcare industry with equipment, services, and supplies for purposes that range from preventing hospital-acquired infection in surgical suites and patient care areas...


For comfortable full head coverage

Bouffant Caps

For supplemental process and product protection...

Beard Covers

For supplemental process and product protection...

Sterile Goggles

Lightweight comfortable single use sterile goggles; direct and indirect styles.


Breathable masks guard against bacteria and particulates...


Provide comfort in controlled environments while helping to prevent particle contamination and static buildup...

Single Use Lab Coats

Knee-length garments provide essential protection in less critical areas...

Reusable Lab Coats

High quality lab coats in a variety of styles and fabrics

Single Use Frocks

Multiple options of this popular design to meet various needs

Isolation Gowns

Provide excellent coverage and protection


For extra protection against fluids and dry particulates...

Shoe & Boot Covers

Provide barrier protection, comfort, and skid resistance...

VWR Garment Recycling Program

Easy-to-use recycling program provides a complete waste collection, shipment and recycling solution for used disposable apparel.


VWR offers many permeation-resistant gloves suitable for use in ISO Class 3, 4, or 5 cleanrooms...