Masterflex®, part of Avantor®


Dedicated to the success of your entire fluid path from research to production since 1955

Masterflex® L/S® Digital Pump Systems

Operation is easier than ever thanks to a maintenance-free, high-accuracy motor and graphical interface. Available in an IP33 plastic or IP66 stainless-steel enclosure.

Masterflex® I/P® Digital Dispensing Pump System

Ideal for automated process applications, these precision drives offer remote-control options and simple programming. Anti-drip function ensures accuracy in dispensing.

Masterflex Precision Pump Tubing

Use Masterflex pump tubing in your Masterflex pumps for optimal performance. It is custom extruded to fit Masterflex pumps and engineered for long life in peristaltic pump applications. 

Masterflex® Ismatec® Reglo Digital Pumps

Ismatec microflow pumps are ideal for autoanalysis, flow cell, sipper, OEM, and low flow feed and transfer applications. 

Masterflex® Fittings

Our extensive selection includes barbed fittings for flexible tubing, compression fittings or pipe connectors for rigid tubing, quick-connect couplings, and more.

Single-Use Sensors

Ideal for applications such as tangential flow filtration, cross flow filtration, depth filtration, bioreactor monitoring, and chromatography.