Proteomics Chromatography Products

Innovative, reliable and easy-to-use products to help you meet the demanding needs of your proteomics workflow.

Product selection

CX1-pH Gradient Buffers

Robust reproducible gradients that are applicable to a wide range of MAbs and ready to use with existing LC columns and systems, without the need to formulate mobile phases.

Accucore™ 150-C4 and 150-C18 columns

Based on Core Enhanced Technology, these columns provide fast resolution separation of peptides and proteins and generate only 50% of the back pressure associated with columns packed with sub 2 µm materials.

Acclaim 300

Achieve high-resolution peptide mapping and protein separations. The 3µm ultrapure silica particles reduce the limits for diffusion of the analytes into the stationary phase for fast, high-resolution separations.

Smart Digest

Smart Digest is a highly stable immobilized trypsin reactor; when combined with state of the art heating technology, it produces fast, reproducible digestions ready for analysis by LC/MS.

Nano, Capillary and Micro LC Columns

A comprehensive range of innovative columns designed to combine high performance with ease of use that deliver high performance separation to -omics research.