Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography employs partition between a gas phase and a functionalised immobilised liquid phase to achieve separation.  Owing to the length of the capillary columns, high resolution can be achieved.

Gas Chromatography, capillary gas chromatography or just GC is widely used in the oil industry, food testing for pesticide analysis, pharmaceutical industry for residual solvent testing and many other applications.  It is mainly used for the analysis of volatile or semi volatile analytes.

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GC Columns

You can find a column here that will suite your needs from hydrocarbons and pesticides to FAME and residual solvents.

GC Liners, Septa and Ferrules

These are key consumbale items which require attention to optimise your chromatography.

High purity solvents for GC

High purity solvents for GC; To get the most from your chromatography you need access to very pure solvents. Our range gives you confidence in your results.