Analytical HPLC and UHPLC

Analytical HPLC and UHPLC

HPLC is one of the most widely used analytical techniques in the chemical and life sciences.  Why is this so?  It is exceptionaly good at separating very similar compounds.  What can it be used for?  Everything from pharmaceutical compounds to environment

The fact that there are many modes of LC, such as reversed phase, normal phase, HILIC, ion exchange and size exclusion, it is highly adaptable to a specific need. Whether you are looking for the right column or need help to develop the best method, we are there for you. We can help with training in order to maximise your efficiency or bring new ideas to help with your analytical challenges.

Product pages

Stationary phases

You are looking to find the correct stationary phase. This is not easy given the thousands available. Search our database with over 10000 columns.

Mobile phases and phase modifiers

You need a solvent supplier you can trust. The mobile phase is often just as important as the stationary phase.

Vial Selection

Which vial type do you need? High recovery? Low adsorption vials? PTFE, silicone septa, screw, clip or crimp cap?

Capillaries, fittings and accessories

You need to optimize the flow path in your instrument. From PEEK connectors to stainless steel capillaries, the right choice matters.

Gas Generators

Gas generators are essential components in the process of gas chromatography, replacing compressed air with a gas of your choice, very often high-purity nitrogen, but also hydrogen or a vacuum.