Captair Filtering Chemical Storage Cabinets

Erlab’s CaptairStore Filtering Chemical Storage Cabinets will store your active use bottles within a filtered chemical storage cabinet, operating 24 hours 7 days a week. The filter within will ensure no buildup of chemical vapors or odors within the cabinet. No HVAC connection to the outside will be required. Each cabinet has Smart Technology™ - an exclusive set of tools that consists of Smart-Light Communication™, chemical sensors (*optional), real-time status, and the eGuard app.

  • Smart Technology gives an easily identifiable method of communication regarding containment, performance and filter efficiency via a soft, LED band of light called Smart-Light
  • Smart-Light is a light signature across the front panel which casts a stable LED glow ensuring proper operation (LED Lighting > 650 Lux)
  • Corrosion resistant electro-galvanized steel coated with anti-acid polymer Clear, chemical resistant acrylic doors for easy viewing

Keep lab personnel safe from chemical fumes during use and when stored

Protect users from harmful inhalation risks due to evaporation during the use and storing of chemicals.

Erlab Chemical Storage brochure and specs

Meets AFNOR safety standards, adaptable sizes, flexible HEPA and Carbon filtration and SMART connectivity.