Throughout its 126-year history, WHEATON has been dedicated to supporting scientific advances and discovery by providing innovative solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic, and specialty pharmaceutical industries. The company's expertise in designing and manufacturing plastic and glass containers - with a wide selection of closure systems and custom solutions - ensures the secure storage and delivery of sensitive materials and precious biomedical specimens around the globe.

In addition to containers, Wheaton leads the research industry with a wide array of products used in life science and cell culture. These products include roller racks for adherent cell culture, tissue grinders for excising samples, pipettes and dispensers for precision liquid handling, and ampules and vials for sample storage. Wheaton's history of high-quality laboratory products has grown significantly with the addition of the MicroLiter offering of chromatography vials, caps, inserts, and patented MicroLiter Plate Sampling System (MPSS).

Today the innovation continues. WHEATON continues to expand its offering by providing innovative solutions to researchers worldwide. The new AntiBIND microplates feature a patented Advanced Plasma Treatment technology and offer more sample recovery than any other plates in the market, especially when proteins are present in lower concentrations. Learn more about how WHEATON can provide high-quality laboratory supplies to make your days in the lab more productive and successful.

MicroLiter Chromatography Supplies

MicroLiter offers Certified Clean Vials and the innovative MicroLiter Plate Sampling System (MPSS) to keep your samples free of contamination and prevent evaporation.


WHEATON™ Media Bottles are a mainstay in laboratories across the world. They are available with a variety of closures and liners.

Liquid Handling Products

Wheaton has partnered over 35 years with Socorex, a Swiss manufacturer, to provide high-quality, precision liquid handling instruments to academic and research laboratories.

Vials for Every Need

WHEATON offers the most comprehensive line of vials for laboratory research. The offering includes sample, scintillation, serum, high recovery, and cryogenic vials.


Storage, tracking, and management of your vital samples.

Premium Services

Bar coding, critical cleaning, surface treament & more…

Product selection

AntiBIND Microplates

Protein recovery at low concentrations is facilitated with AntiBIND Microplates.

DualFusion Vials

Combines best properties of both plastic and glass into one vial