Specialized Solutions for Cutting Applications

AccuTec Blades is a specialized blade manufacturer headquartered in Verona, Virginia. For 140 years we have been providing cutting solutions globally in biopharmaceutical, laboratories, clean rooms, histology, healthcare, personal care, industrial, food and beverage industries. AccuTec uses advanced technologies that deliver the very best quality, sharpness and blade longevity. These technologies coupled with our research and development team make AccuTec the right partner for you!

Catheter Cutting Blades & Tool

GEM Single-Edge Blade Dispenser Packs, Single-Edge Cleanroom Blades, #11 Sterile Blade

Surgical Blades & Prep Razors

#10, 11, 15 Surgical Blades, Medical Prep Razors Dispenser

Histology & Pathology Blades

Microtome Blades, Pathology Blades, Hand-Held Trimming Blades

Single & Double Edge Blades

3-Facet Double Edge Razor Blades, Single-Edge Clamshell Blades, Single-Edge Blade Pop-Up Dispenser