Lab Tools for Chemistry & Life Sciences

BrandTech Scientific, Inc. offers a complete line of German-manufactured laboratory equipment. We pride ourselves on providing premium quality products with excellent value and exceptional service to customers in any type of lab.

BrandTech's offerings include BRAND bottletop dispensers, Class A digital bottletop burettes, pipettes, and pipette controllers, VACUUBRAND laboratory vacuum, BLAUBRAND volumetric glassware, VITLAB volumetric plastic labware, and BOCHEM stainless steel support jacks.

Repetitive Pipettors & Tips

BRAND HandyStep repeating pipettes and PD-Tip II syringe tips provide unprecedented versatility with accurate, precise, dependable results.

Pipets & Tips

BRAND Transferpette S pipets and pipet tips feature precision workmanship, high grade materials, and simple, easy, efficient pipetting.

Bottletop Dispensers

BRAND Dispensette & seripettor dispensers are the safest, fastest, and most convenient, and available for nearly any unpressurized application.

Pipet Controllers

BRAND pipet controllers offer precise, sensitive control, in different colors for coding by laboratory or application.

Digital Burette

BRAND Titrette bottletop burette minimizes risk of poured transfer, eliminates meniscus reading errors, and provides Class A tolerances.


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