Innovation that makes a difference.

You, researcher, play a critical role in our health and the health of the planet. With every successful assay, a problem is solved and new possibilities are brought to life. With every failed assay, a potential answer is ruled out and a new question arises. It is a beautiful process that drives innovation in health, safety and the overall condition of the world. Biotix exists to empower you and your mission.

Innovation is at the heart of Biotix Engineering. Our product development starts with questions. How can we create a product that enables researchers to achieve more accurate and precise results? How can we shorten the time between question and answer? How can we engineer products to use less resources? How can we drive this innovation across our industry and beyond to make a significant and overwhelmingly positive impact?

We invite you to join our quest for game-changing innovation one aspiration at a time.

Universal Pipette Tips

All of our manual pipette tips are manufactured with our patented technologies for increased pipetting accuracy and precision.

LTS® compatible xTIP®

xTIP Pipette tips are compatible with Rainin® LTS® style pipettes. The tips are outfitted with Biotix’s patented technologies to increase your accuracy and precision, increase ergonomics, and increase your sample retention.

Automation Tips

Biotix aTIP Pipette Tips are manufactured to the highest engineering and quality standards. We manufacture tips compatible with Hamilton®, Agilent®, B-Platform, and Molecular Devices®

Cobra® Pipette

The Cobra Manual pipette combines precision air displacement technology with the latest ergonomic research making it the best option for daily use in your lab.

Reagent Reservoirs

Biotix disposable reagent reservoirs are designed for use with multi-channel pipetting applications and can accommodate up to 12-channel pipettes.


Biotix plates are designed for maximum ease of use and superior results.


Biotix tubes are made from clear, medical-grade virgin polypropylene offering excellent chemical and temperature resistance and superior clarity.


Not only do we manufacture a better tip™, but we take a stance on reducing our environmental footprint with each new innovation