Advanced Battery Science – Avantor Services

Avantor Services is here to help. We have the expertise and specialized services that help you accelerate your innovation pipelines while maximizing resources.

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You can take advantage of our best practices to streamline R&D and achieve breakthroughs faster without increasing costs.

Our expertise in key areas such as compliance, scientific operations, and digital technology can help your team operate at peak efficiency and focus on developing the next scientific breakthrough. It’s just one more way we help set science in motion.

Onsite Services

Specialty-trained associates handle routine and ancillary tasks on site, so that your scientists can focus on their science and innovation.

Science as a Service

Lab-experienced professionals perform protocol-driven science for you, improving project turnaround and allowing your scientists to focus on their core research.

Clinical & Biorepository Services

Three strategic acquisitions by VWR help you manage custom kits, equipment, ancillary supplies, and sample archiving…

Inventory Management Solutions

Services and technology eliminate the common complications of the inventory process, returning valuable time to your staff.

MarketSource Procurement & Sourcing Services

Optimize your vendor administration, tail spend, and sourcing activities with VWR’s network of suppliers, millions of products, and user-friendly tools.

Equipment & Instrument Services

Keep your laboratory running with our collection of tools, technology, and services focused on calibration, validation, and (preventive) maintenance.

Lean Six Sigma Process Consulting

Bring advancements in science to market faster with help from experienced, field-based Laboratory Process Consultants.

Custom Packaging & Kitting Solutions

Get fast and reliable support for your clinical studies and Controlled Environment requirements, customized to your specifications.