Advanced Battery Science – Chemicals & Raw Materials

Avantor offers thousands of chemicals suitable for a multitude of analytical applications in R&D from our key brands – guaranteed high-quality chemicals and reproducible performance from batch to batch is key to achieving your QC, production, or R&D goals

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Anodes are classically composed of natural or synthetic graphite, but researchers are investigating other carbon allotropes (carbon black, fullerenes) and non-carbon materials (lithium foil, oxides of bismuth, germanium, silicon, and tin) that might...

Cathode Chemicals

Cathode materials typically include oxides of transition metals that can accommodate lithium by changing their oxidation states. We also offer many sodium-based and other salts for research into non-lithium technologies.

Chemicals for Electrolytes

Conventional electrolytes consist of an organic solvent (such as ethylene carbonate) with a dissolved salt. Solid electrolytes have the potential to eliminate leakage and increase battery safety. Our portfolio includes organic solvents, salts...

Separator and binders

Separator materials used to control thermal conductance include polyethylene, polypropylene, and other polymers in sheets or powder form.

Metals battery components

Pure metals and metal alloys used in batteries include aluminum, cobalt, stainless steel, and nickel in many forms, including foil, wires, powders, and rods.

Organic solvents

Wide range of high purity solvents for battery production

CMS (Custom manufacturing service)

To help you better manage strategic priorities in your laboratory, we offer scaled volumes of custom formulated powders, solvents, and solutions. VWR Custom Manufacturing Services provide the capacity and breadth of capabilities to test and produce...

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