Applications and Protocols

Life Science Research Solutions, Products, and Resources

Whether you need equipment and supplies for your laboratory applications, biopharma product support or products ensuring carefully controlled environments at your facility—Avantor can help.

Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry

Let Avantor help support your clinical research with an extensive array of chromatography and mass spectrometry products that can help you improve efficiency and outcomes in your laboratory.

Analytical Chemistry

Avantor carries a broad range of trusted products to help you meet the needs of your lab applications and protocols. Our product offerings can help with biomedical research, forensic work, and clinical diagnostics.

Biopharma Production

Our bioprocessing products are engineered to the highest quality standards and regulatory requirements. Explore our solutions for multiple applications - vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell or gene therapy.


Nothing is more important in the lab, manufacturing facility or other workplace as your health and safety. Avantor® can help with a robust line of safety products and personal protective equipment -- from waste bins to safety signs.

Controlled Environment Solutions

Cleanrooms or other controlled environments used for research or manufacturing need specialized products. Avantor can help maintain cleanroom standards with protective apparel and environmental monitoring equipment.