Agilent's Multiple Affinity Removal System (MARS)

From sample simplification to analysis, Agilent's BioSeparation tools can be integrated into your workflow for a complete solution that provides reproducible and high-quality results.

Agilent’s Multiple Affinity Removal System (MARS) for proteomics research enables the identification and characterization of high value, low-abundant proteins and biomarkers found in serum, plasma, and other biological fluids. When combined with Agilent's optimized buffers, convenient spin filters and concentrators, MARS creates an automated, integrated depletion solution compatible with most LC instruments (columns) and bench top centrifuges (spin cartridges).

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product selection


High performance columns offer an easy, one-step solution to remove unwanted high-abundant proteins from human and mouse biological fluids.


Expand the dynamic range of the analysis when you use the Multiple Affinity Removal System (MARS) cartridges to isolate your samples.

Buffers and Reagents

Agilent has buffers and reagents available to provide optimal conditions for column and spin catridge longevity as well as sample reproducibility.