Shipping & Distribution

With our world-class network of manufacturing, research, distribution and customer service resources, we are well-positioned to supply more than 6 million high quality products from more than 4,000 core suppliers globally.  We offer tailored distribution solutions to meet the most demanding needs of our customers who are often subject to stringent regulatory requirements and customs procedures.

Our distribution network enables us to leverage sourcing logic that determines the best location to access the needed products in the least amount of time. Shipping is managed through our logistic partners – all of whom have been selected for their reliability and know-how in the transportation and handling of chemicals, and other complex scientific products.

Managing your account and orders is seamless with access to real-time information including order status, tracking, documentation and requesting a quote.  To ensure transparency throughout the entire ordering and shipping process, customers are sent tracking information along with their order confirmation. Get started today by creating an account or logging into For any questions related to customs issues, please contact our exports department.

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