Science in Higher Education

Science education is vital to preparing students for healthcare, biotechnology, and advanced technology careers, while laboratory work provides hands-on experience and practical skills. At Avantor, we understand the significance of academic research laboratories and higher education science.

Through our partnership with E&I Cooperative Services, a leading procurement organization serving educational institutions, we are able to provide a wide range of high-quality VWR laboratory equipment and supplies specifically designed to meet the requirements of educational institutions. With Avantor, educational institutions can provide the best possible resources for their students to excel in their scientific education.

E&I Cooperative Services

Avantor takes great pride in our partnership with E&I Cooperative Services, a primary channel serving academic and institutional customers. E&I is a member-owned, non-profit procurement cooperative exclusively focused on serving the education sector. With over 80 years of experience, E&I currently offers more than 145 contracts to their 5500+ member institutions in higher education and K-12. Their procurement and supply chain management expertise helps educational institutions streamline purchasing processes and save time and money.

As a leading supplier of research and laboratory supplies, Avantor was proud to be awarded a national competitive contract for research and laboratory supplies through E&I. We can offer educational institutions various products and services through our partnership with E&I, including customized solutions and expert support. By working together, we are committed to helping academic and institutional customers achieve their goals and positively impact the world.

E&I Contracts - Member benefits

E&I understands that managing contracts can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. E&I helps their members streamline their procurement process by utilizing E&I contracts. Using E&I contracts allows members to skip the RFP and contract management process altogether, saving time and resources better spent on other priorities. E&I contracts are already pre-negotiated and have competitive pricing.

In addition, E&I contracts meet national and state procurement standards, as they are NIGP verified. Members can trust that E&I contracts comply with all relevant regulations and guidelines.

At Avantor, we are committed to supporting higher science education in research laboratories with our laboratory equipment, supplies, and services. Through our partnership with E&I Cooperative, we offer members a wide range of products and services, including pre-negotiated contracts, competitive pricing, and compliance with procurement standards.

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